A Real Blog! :D Week 1!


     In my fashion II Class, there is only one other girl, her name is Kahlie, and myself! And Kahlie’s on top of everything and had all her fabric and everything, and I kept forgetting mine, so I just now got to start cutting my pieces out! I accomplished cutting out almost all of the pieces, except I lost my piece 1 so I have to borrow Kahlie’s:P. And next week, I plan on finishing with cutting my fabric, cutting the interfacing, and hopefully I will be able to start sewing!

     We’re making kind of a button-up shirt thing, only we’re not really sure if it’s supposed to be a shirt or a tunic-type top, because it looks a little bit long on the model. I’m really excited to learn how to do sleeves, because I didn’t really put much effort into it when I made my sweatshirt last year. I just kind of breezed through it and my sleeves were more like arm tubes:P.

     I haven’t really learned anything new this week, I’m pretty experienced with cutting pattern pieces and fabric, but it will be applied to future projects (and hopefully sometime soon I’ll learn that I have to fold my fabric right sides together before I pin the pieces to it, so I don’t have to pin every pattern twice! I’m pretty sure I’ve done this on every single project I’ve done!)!

     My favorite site for fashion updates is Elle.com. They always have slideshows of models from recent fashion shows, and I like to see the wild things designers are coming up with (and occasionally make fun of the things these designers think people would actually wear!).  The slideshow from this year’s New York fashion week cracked me up! They divided it into different sections, like “Sporting Goods” and “The Princess Diaries”.  One of the ones that I thought was ridiculous was the Princess Diaries dress by Theyskens’ Theory. You can see right through almost every bit of it! Who’s going to wear that?! On the other hand, I think were spot-on with the bird print! The little introduction paragraph said something along the lines of  “Designers have abandoned cat print!” .  And I thought, who ever wore cat print?!  But I think the birds are just beautiful, definitely my favorite trend for the spring! (Even though it’s the spring of 2012! Why do they do things so far ahead?! Are they clairvoyant?! Tell me my future, please! )  😀 The link is below, it’s definitely worth looking at, for fun and for new ideas! 🙂



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  1. Great job Kodi! It sounds like you did learn something this week- they same thing you have learned many, many times before!!! Great post, make sure to add a picture next time! 24/25 (Next weeks goals, picture)

    PS: Aren’t sleeves aren’t tubes? 🙂

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